Is everyone meant for gig work?

Yes, the Gig economy is growing bit by bit everyday, and the future trends are moving to almost half of the global working population will in some way do gig work in the future.

But are really everyone meant for gig work? I would say NO! At least when it comes for full time gigs! For side gigs yes.

I was talking to a senior full stack developer at a SaaS product company, where he have been for ages. This guy had been there and seen the products evolve (or watch his babies grown, as he puts it). With the knowledge that there is a huge demand for experienced full stack developers out there, and some lack of motivation, he felt that it was time do something else. So he quit, and started to apply for full-time jobs at different software consulting companies in his area.

With his skill set, it wasn’t that hard to get an interview, and to go far in each of every recruitment process. Each company offered him management positions, working with the latest technologies, a good salary and other perks. But something was missing. There were too many “babies” to take care of, and he couldn’t really see them go to “school”. He could only “feed” the baby, and then move on to the next one, and the next, and the next…..

This is the typical person which I would expect to succeed in the gig economy, either as a freelancer, or as part of the contingent workforce. But no. At least not for full-time gig, unless his WHY changes. But then he wouldn’t be true to himself. He’s a Product daddy, and loves to watch his products grow. But to disrupt his spare time, he runs a business as a side gigger. This is his perfect mix, he can choose all the perks and benefits as a full-time employee by day, and like Batman, enjoy the side hustling by night.

And yes, he landed a new job, at a different SaaS product company, but that’s a totally different story.

How many % are you meant for gig work? Share your story with me.

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