Malmö Freelancer Meet up

Isolation and to not have anyone to discuss business with (except for clients), are two major issue in the life of freelancers. Therefore Im more than happy to attend at the first organised Freelancer meet up in Malmö at the co-working space the Ground.

“We are the future of work, robots can do our creative work”  – Nikki

+30 freelancers showed up with different backgrounds and expertise areas. The majority worked within some sort of creative roles (live visuals, photography, voice overs, videos etc). Really cool to meet so many talented people that are really working with their true passion. 

Discussions during the evening were mainly in regards to sales:

  • How to find clients
  • How to find the big clients
  • How to get paid and not work for free

And also time management. Yes you are your own boss, and you work with creative work. The struggles here comes from you set your own schedule and you have deadlines (and sometimes not the courage to say no to projects). So why should you get out of bed early (or at all?!)? Am I working or just watch stupid cat videos on Youtube? 

This was a really good event to gather people with the same interest. I really enjoyed their positive attitude and kindness to everyone, even though many of them are competitors. Thanks for a great organised event! 

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