Is talent endagered due to trust issues?

A few weeks ago I attended a conference  about Growth, and how technology is a great contributor to this. I had two key take aways from this day:

  • Talent is a scarce resource and almost endangered
  • Trust is crucial for the well-being in a country, and a positive GDP

The endangered talent

Everyone (except me) felt that finding and recruiting your next talent is really hard. For me all this discussion was on a level if you compare the sales of CD’s to Spotify. Things have changed! Of course people still wants to be full-time employed, and recruiters still do a pretty awesome job (and will do over many many more years). But don’t expect to receive hundreds of applicants for every postion (unless your the hottest company out there).

Another concusion from all the debate was also that there’s a big gap between the supply of talent graduated from the Uni’s, and the demand from the market. Especially in terms of IT-competence. And also, the schools are in some cases teaching old techniques and not the latest ones (since they need to have a research based education).

But challenge your beliefs. Use the power of the gig economy instead. Use talents from all over the world, let them work remotely, train your organization from the gig workers expertise. Is it really necessary to speak your native language to solve this issue? What will be the impact of your company of not finishing or delaying this project?


Another interesting lesson from the day was from the PhD in Economics who lectured about trust, and how trust has a positive correlation of the society. The economies seems to be more healthy if there’s a high level of trust among the citizens, i.e. strong GDP.

What made me a bit sad in terms of trust was after I read this article about the lack of demand of Quantum computer researchers. Yes they are not that many in the world within this nische, but they do exists. Very common for those brainiacs is relocation. And here’s the true barrier, the immigration process. The immigration process takes forever.

Why?! People that have this expertise and the access to this technology could (if the person have this agenda) easily hack super secret governmental servers in just a few seconds, and distribute the findings to its origin country. At least that’s on of the beliefs

Imagine what would happen to the future of computers, technology etc if trust existed. In my opinion, build trust to co-create magic and not chaos.

For us that are not into the Quantum field, I guess our trust issues comes more from working remotely…..

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