The Robots are here to stay

This weekend I really felt the importance of re-skilling my skills continuously. Why?! Have you seen the Chinese Humanoid News Anchor? Cool? Scary? Or both?

I think it did a pretty awesome first day at work. Don’t you think? The lip sync will get better. But this is really cool, if you ask me. Soon this technology can be used in various other professions. SOON! It’s time to put the learnability hat on again, and start to enrich yourself with new knowledge. I’m not ready to be obsolete yet!

Here’s the 10 most emerging jobs by 2022 according to World economic forum:

pasted image 0.png

I’m in both Sales and Marketing today. But will that be enough in the future, especially when you see a Humanoid like the Chinese one? Why limit myself to just one role? Number 8-9 sound like me as well. And yes I would like to learn the rest as well. But I know myself, I’m too restless to do some code!

We’ll see. But I won’t let a robot take my job! Stay relevant and keep on re-skilling is my plan.

What’s your plan when the RPA consultant have done their jobs?

PS. everybody doesn’t embrace new technology…..DS.

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