The different types of remote work

My first guest on the blog 🙂 Kathryn Casna who made a job for the content marketing bureau Gherigich, when both writing an article and producing some really nice infographics to Salesforce Canada.


If there’s one thing that’s true, it’s that technology has completely revolutionized our world at home and at work. Our ability to connect, the machines and the ways that allow those connections, has allowed us to establish broader communities for our personal and our work lives. And that has immediate and wide-ranging impacts for an important aspect of our days: where we work.

Technology and tools have allowed more and more people to skip the traditional workspace setup of going into an office every day in favor of working remotely, even some of the time. That ability is creating what some are calling digital nomads: people who are able to complete
their jobs, either some or all of the time, by being online and off site. And the increasing reliance on technology by more people and more companies is promising to ensure more digital nomads in the coming years. What does this mean for everyone? This graphic explains it.

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A New Kind of Employee: The Digital Nomad

Author Bio:
Kathryn Casna is a digital marketing and travel write from San Diego, California. Customer-facing retail, hospitality, and event production make up her professional roots. Today, she runs her own writing business  from whatever new locale she happens to be exploring.

Thanks for sharing your work Kathryn. I really appreciate it.

Are you a digital nomad or a remote worker pro that wants to share your story? Don’t wait, just share it 😉

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