Reasons why AI is not the BIGGEST threat to jobs (and more)

So I found a very good podcast episode (which I want to share with you). The Future of Work Podcast with Jacob Morgan:

“Director Of Stanford’s New Big Data Program Gives Insight Into The Gig Economy, Big Disruptions Coming In The Future Of Work, Reasons Why AI Is Not The Biggest Threat To Jobs And More”

Summary of the episode: Paul Oyer, Professor Economics at Stanford is sharing his thoughts of Future of Work.

He share his thoughts about AI, and that AI might be a threat to the future labor market, but not as the main threat of “mass job destruction”. AI comes in the 3rd place. And also that the gig economy is actually growing, and will be important. What really caught my attention was the following sentences from Professor Paul:

It’s very hard for people to recognize that what they used to do is no longer needed. It’s difficult then to go and get trained. People need to be open to training.

Enjoy listening to it, and the rest of the episodes.

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