Finally! They got it!

So, me and my friends started a conversation on Messenger about the evolution of price on Smartphones. What we think is cheap today, was the expensive price of a Phone a couple of years ago. And of course the features were discussed; camera, OS, the processor etc.

But then I felt a bit bored. The features of the Smartphones are more or less the same all the time. They’re chasing one more pixels or a bit faster core processor. The batteries still suck (generally). I’m very interested in following technological trends, and felt that I had to share the demo of Google Soli (which I think is cool):

The technology itself is pretty awesome, and might be the starting point as a standard feature in the gadgets of tomorrow. Since they enjoyed, and hinted the “Like”-button (ohh dopamine rush…) I felt, they’re ready for more. The predicted trends of 2030 from the Weforum: “5 predictions for what life will be like in 2030“.

After they’ve read it, and kinda thought about it a bit, it suddenly came to them:

“Im afraid! The technology is moving in such a speed which we can’t stop”

“With this tech pace, what will I do in a couple of years, Robots will take my job! And unfortunately do it even better than I am 😦 How will I earn money then?!”

“Our children will compete in the job market against machines”

Those were their main concerns. All of them are happily to see the evolution of new cool gadgets, and are expecting a lot from all that will come. But, I don’t think that they really thought about how the tech evolution are transforming the society before. They were not only concerned of course, there is a bit cool factor as well in the direction of where we’re heading.

They also understand that new jobs will be created as a result from this. In my opinion a lot of these will be gigs. Where I think that robots will do the main work and we humans will join to perform the human touch of each project. But how long will that last? They finally understood that there is a rapid change going on globally on the job market. There mindset needs to be switched into continuous re-skilling, to be able to have a flexible mindset for the upcoming challenges.

What made me proud was that one of them said:

“I think that you Andy will handle this evolution best of us”

Maybe he thought so because I’m in the middle of the gig economy in my daily job, or because I work in sales and not in Finance?. I didn’t really asked why, I just felt a bit proud, and felt a bit like a prepper.


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