Giggin with Robots?

After watching the demo from Google with their AI assistant Google Duplex, I was first fascinated and then a bit scared. The technology is moving in supersonic speed.

What actually made me scared was the fact that the assistant can think on its own, and sounds like a real human. For how long are we needed? Meanwhile Google is developing this, Boston Dynamics are developing “Humaniods”. Google Duplex + Boston Dynamics = Skynet?!

Will smart robots soon take our jobs? Yes is my guess. But new one will be created on the way. So I’m not that worried, as long as you have an open mind and are ready for change. Historically, with every new technology breakthrough new opportunities and jobs has been created. So why wouldn’t this be created this time as well? Jobs and gigs will be needed to support the opportunities of the future. Maybe we can’t predict what will be needed, but I’m pretty sure that you will adapt and solve the problems of tomorrow.

Co-working with Robots will therefore be one of the success factors in the future to succeed. Maybe we should start to treat them as tireless coworkers? If you’re a developer, could you imagine doing pairing up with a smart bot for code reviews etc? Or as a sales rep, let the bot book your meetings and you executing them? If they are more accurate in the hit-rate why wouldn’t we start to love ’em?

There are so many more cases out there with opportunities on how we can cooperate with a bot. Maybe have you already started to doing that? If so, how/what are you doing? Can you think of a cool future gig already? Share your story.

P.S. If you missed the demo of Google Duplex, please have a look:

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