Having the same gig since -92

OK, so let’s start by asking, are you a Gig worker because you can choose:

  • When
  • How
  • Where
  • and with Whom you are working with?

Some sort of flexibility is crucial for your own “survival” right?

This is something that fascinates me, having the same gig since -92! How do you stay motivated, up to speed etc? Maybe is it because I’m a millennial and are not that “loyal” to my employees (or maybe it is since I started the first grade in -92). But my question is of course, why would you like to have the same gig for such a long time (or the same job/tasks for that matter).

I asked why not employ her? From time to time head count was an issue, and sometimes she didn’t wanted to. For me this goes against the whole philosophy about being contracted as a consultant/freelancer. Isn’t the whole point of going from gig to gig? As I wrote earlier, I’m fascinated 🙂

Most of the Gig workers are looking for long term gigs. Long term in this sense is “only” 12 month. Then they need to move away to be able to learn even more, and get new knowledge and Gigs. Some doesn’t want contracts for more than 6 month at a time. All of those gigs falls under the category Professional services, and are of course MUCH longer than the typical Uber gig.

What has happened in with the technology since 92? Have a look here. 

What do you prefer, long- or short term gigs? What’s your longest gig? Share your story.


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