Can everyone join the Gig economy?

Back in the days, you would get a job after school and you would keep that job until your retirement. This feels a bit ancient (almost like the period of Cretaceous) if you look how the new generations are affecting the way we work today, and its loyalty towards a company (staying only a few years). Therefore one of the most important skills for the future of work is of course Re-skilling, to be able to adapt for the demand in the market.

Also, many people are avoiding the standard 9-5 jobs for the Gig Economy, in which they can work on what they want when they want. Being your own boss is a very attractive lifestyle, but it is not for everyone (or is it?).


To succeed: “You need to have an entrepreneurial mindset. If you are used to receiving your salary at the end of every month, then this won’t work for you. However, if you have a nest egg and don’t mind a bit of uncertainty, it’s worth a shot.”                                                                                                         Rakesh Ramchandani

Inspiration from the giggers Nandita, Vinod, and Rakesh sharing their story.

What’s your story living and working within the Gig economy? Please share it.

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