The World of Work is changing

Yes, the world of work is truly changing, and in an accelerating pace!

Only in the U.S. the gig economy  predicts to rise from 15.5 million people in 2015, to 60 millon people (43% of the US Workforce!) in 2020 (Nasdaq). If you ask me, that’s a large increase in just five years. And this is only in the U.S. This is happening all over the world (in different paces of course).

“Projections show that by 2020 43% of the U.S. workforce will be freelancers” 

According to the World Economic Forum, this rapid change is maninly due to four major trends:

  1. Shifting demographics, dynamic workforces
  2. The rise of the indivual choice
  3. The technological revolution
  4. Client sophistication and the dawn of data

Since there is those major changes going on I would like to share Sara Hinawi’s TedTalk with you: “How to succed in the gig economy”. Hopefully it will help you in your future success in the gig economy.

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