The 10 best paid gigs of 2018

The BBC defines the ‘Gig Economy’ as “a labor market characterized by the prevalence of short-term contracts or freelance work, as opposed to permanent jobs”.

On-demand hiring promises lower costs, but it also creates more competition for talent where traditional workers’ career paths are phased out and are now replaced with temporary jobs focused on skill. Don’t only think of gigs as side-jobs or short term assignements. For the right person there’s a variety of cool and nice gigs out there. Just take a look at this list of the highest paid gigs of 2018 (Source):

1. Deep Learning/Artificial Intelligence: $115.06/hr

2. Blockchain Architecture: $87.05/hr

3. Robotics: $77.46/hr

4. Ethical Hacking: $66.63/hr

5. Cryptocurrency: $65.37/hr

6. Amazon Web Services, Lambda Coding: $51/hr

7. Virtual Reality: $50.18/hr

8. ReactJS Developers: $40.75/hr

9. Final Cut Pro Editor: $37.12/hr

10. Instagram Marketing: $31.23/hr

Are you doing any of these gigs? If not, which one would you like to try? #shareyourstory #gigspiration,

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