Are Robots, AI reshaping our lives?

The tech revolution are moving in very fast pace. Who knows it will brings, and when it hits us with a full effect. According to the World economic forum, approximately 800 millions of the labor force might loose their jobs due to automation.


The gig economy, and new generations entering the labor market has already reshaped the way we want to work, hence the rise of the gig economy. Hopefully the the automation that smart AI-algortithms and and robots will brings, will increase productivity in goods and services, and mots important of all improve our lives.

And of course new job will be created as well, so don’t you worry. But prepare yourself to increase your own learnability, meaning you have to be ready to learn new things to adapt to the future of work.

Have you started to feel the automation in your field of business? How has this affected you and your job? Did force you robots to start gigging? #shareyourstory

PS. A movie for the weekend: “Do you trust this computer“.
Do you trust this computer

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