Consider a few things before you start gigging

Maybe you’ll already started without consider these tips, and ended up well anyway. Great!

This post is in no way a rule of thumb, more some extra steps/inspiration to consider before pursuing your dream. I truly still want this to be your dream.

My own success loop: trying ➡️failing➡️learning

Don’t be afraid to try out different things, learn from your mistakes, and avoid doing them again. What to consider:

Are you really ready for gigging?

Take a look at yourself in the mirror, and ask yourself “I’m a ready?”. It takes a lot of hard work, your income may fluctuate, and your benefits from your full-time job will vanish. Have you consider this? Do you have a back-up plan?

Is the market ready for you?

Before entering your boss office and hand in your letter of resignation, are you sure you have the right skills to fulfill the market needs? Hopefully for more than just one gig. Do you already have some potential clients? Start doing some research on the demand of your skills, before doing something drastic. Maybe your first gig is a side-gig, which will not effect your day job.

Set up goals

Goals are used to measure for instance your success. How well are you moving towards them? Is there any skills you need to develop to reach your goal etc. Examples could be:

  1. I want a turnover of €100k my first year
  2. I want to expand my network by 5% each month
  3. I want to…

You get it right? Think about what you need to do to fulfill those goals

Build your brand

Your reputation matters for your future success. Therefor, make sure to build your brand smart. Examples on how to build it:

  • Sharing content in your competence area in social media’s/ blogs (remember this is knowledge sharing and not sales pitches)
  • Ask your clients to describe why they hired you (ego boost for your next sales pitch to a similar client)
  • Ask your clients for referrals and if you could use them as references
  • Ask for endorsements on LinkedIn
  • Always act professional
  • Continue to grow your network. My best advice on LinkedIn is to give without expecting anything in return. This will pay off after a while. Have patience.

Price yourself correctly

Maybe your eager landing your first, and is so happy that you tend to price yourself to cheap. Remember, you need to earn enoug to at least cover your fixed costs (rent, food etc).

It’s very hard to get a rice in the price once you set your price level low, your client thinks that this is the reasonable price for this task. Imagine what happens when you start to receive some referrals, and all wants your low price service. Be proud and charge according to your expertise/experience and market conditions. Let your client understand the value you bring to the table.

And of course, don’t forget to pay your taxes!

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