Working anywhere, or…

One of the benefits of gigging is the freedom to choose where the work should be done (if your contractor allows it of course).

In Sweden we have a new phenomenon (at least new to me!) where some of the major hotel chains has created the trend “Lobbyjobba!” (lobby working). Free wifi and free of charge of staying there of course.

A good initiative to find a neutral working space/meeting zone.

Working from neutral places is not something new of course. I’ve heard many stories of star-ups hanging at cafés for several month, before they could afford paying rent for their own offices. To me this is inspirational.

Where is your sweet spot of gigging? Hotel lobbies? Parks? At home? Client? Gig hubs? etc.

I eager to hear and share your story!


2 thoughts on “Working anywhere, or…

  1. Most of the time I work from home or from an office. But there is a third place I appreciate for typical concentrated work that needs inspiration or a clear mind. And that is the library. Often there are comfortable and nice working areas at libraries around the world, there is decent wifi and very often great coffee closeby. The most important part is that there is no pressure to perform or interact with colleagues or other guests. And it is free!

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