Re-skill your skills


Today, in the 21st century, we’re seeing the rise of new work models such as freelancing and remote work. In the most advanced companies, teams are learning to be more agile, to work with distributed and remote teams, and to scale up and down to adapt to ever-changing conditions. This is the future of work.


The quote/article above made me really think about how important my current skills are in the future, will I be replaced by a sales bot? Or can I do soemthing on my own to stay relevant? It’s not that I feel threathend now, but given the technology development it woun’t take that much time before I am.

Therfore I decided to develop my own skills, based on my own interests mainly (and not only due to market conditions). For me it’s important to do something I believe in, and have a genuine interest within (sales, marketing, and programming).

My main tools for re-skilling are:

  • Books – Both physical and audio
    • Sales
    • Marketing
    • Programming – Python
  • Udemy My favorite at the moment (video courses)
    • Content marketing courses
    • Social media strategies
    • Learing how to hack/penetrations tests (my favorite so far)
    • Programming

Who knows, this development may lead to my first side-gig. Remember to enjoy your learning journey, and do what you enjoy!


What’s your advice on re-skilling?




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