The Purpose


Thanks for stopping by for first post, on my very first blog. I am so excited (and a bit nervous). But the worst thing that can happen is that it’s only me reading this (yay, at least one follower! ;)).

Why this blog?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) are reshaping amongst many the way we’re gonna work in the future, hence the rice of the Gig economy.

Based on this, I want Gig workers to inspire other Gig workers with their story. This blog is for you! You are the content creators (I’m just the moderator…!).

I feel very blessed if We together can inspire at least one other Gig worker. Maybe there are people out there who doesn’t dare to take the step to follow their dreams. Wouldn’t that be cool if Your (or Your friends) story, led to someone else success and their pursuit of their dreams?

Topics? You decide

It’s all about inspiration (Gigspiration). Think about “How can My story inspire someone else? Examples:

  • What to think about
  • How to start
  • Why did you start gigging?
  • Coolest projects
  • A “normal” day
  • Pros n’ cons of gigging
  • ETC

As I wrote earlier, You are the content creators!

Let’s be creative and inspire each other!


About me


Name: Andreas Jacobsson

Family: GF, two daughters, and a dog (Lagotto)

Age: 33 (born in 1985)

Lives: Outside of Malmö (Sweden)

Profession:  Sales rep at Ework Group (Independent consultant supplier)

Enjoys: Traveling, Playing with my kids, Tech gadgets, chocolate and Learning new things (trying to learn Python at the moment)




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